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Union sheet metal shop in Olympia

Olympia, WA, the state capital, is steeped in political history and surrounded by natural beauty, embodying the civic and environmental values of the Pacific Northwest. S&R Sheet Metal, as a union sheet metal contractor, aligns with these values through our dedication to quality, community engagement, and supporting our workforce, serving regions far and wide with integrity and commitment. If you're looking for architectural fabrication, contract metal manufacturing, metal laser cutting, or industrial fabrication, S&R Sheet Metal is here for you. With a diverse clientele that includes paper mills, food processing and manufacturing, grain elevators, general contracting, and many more, we have the expertise to get the job done for you. Aside from providing excellent custom metal solutions, we take pride in how we treat our community, including fair compensation, safe working conditions, and opportunities. Ready to work with a different kind of metal fab shop that gets the job done and treats its people right? Get in touch today for a bid package or other inquiries.

A Full-Service Metal Fabrication Shop

As an independent shop, you get the best of both worlds: more personalized service, but with capabilities that compare favorably with the biggest names in the industry. S&R Sheet Metal offers top-tier metal fabrication services from our modern 18,000-square-foot facility. If you've got the specs, we're ready to get started. Learn more about our metal fabrication capabilities here.

We Support Union Labor

Our success at S&R Sheet Metal stems from our exceptional team of skilled union workers. They are crucial in providing high-quality products, reliable service, and excellent customer support. By focusing on union labor, we ensure that every product reflects top-tier craftsmanship while also providing long-term benefits to the community with fair wages, exceptional benefits, and safe working environments.

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Union sheet metal contractors in Olympia

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