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Union sheet metal shop in St Clair

St Clair's picturesque settings by the water and its tranquil community atmosphere highlight the natural allure of the Pacific Northwest. S&R Sheet Metal preserves this allure with our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality as a union sheet metal shop, ensuring our work enhances rather than detracts from the local environment. If you're looking for architectural fabrication, contract metal manufacturing, metal laser cutting, or industrial fabrication, S&R Sheet Metal is here for you. No matter your industry, we have the expertise to develop customized metal solutions to meet your needs and specifications. Aside from providing excellent custom metal solutions, we take pride in how we treat our community, including fair compensation, safe working conditions, and opportunities. Ready to work with a different kind of metal fab shop that gets the job done and treats its people right? Get in touch today for a bid package or other inquiries.

Craftsmanship with Skilled Union Trade Workers

At S&R Sheet Metal, our team is at the heart of our operations, driving our success through their skill and dedication. We employ skilled union trade workers who are dedicated to superior craftsmanship in every product. By prioritizing union labor, we not only uphold high work standards but also support our community with fair wages, substantial benefits, and safe working conditions, benefiting local families and reinforcing the local economy.

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At S&R Sheet Metal, we provide extensive services in metal fabrication from our sophisticated 18,000-square-foot facility. Whatever your specifications, our capabilities allow us to deliver. We cater to a variety of industries with our contract manufacturing offerings and pride ourselves on combining personalized service with industry-leading expertise. Learn more about our metal fabrication capabilities here.

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Union sheet metal contractors in St Clair

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