Custom Fabrication

Made to Suit Your Needs

At S & R Sheet Metal we are truly custom metal fabricators. When our clients need help with a project that involves one or more metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized, aluminum or copper, they come to S & R Sheet Metal.

The Custom Fabrication Process

  1. To begin, our highly skilled union craftsmen meet with the client for a consultation to get the details of the project. Then we typically will design and/or engineer the part, product or system, or the client will give us their drawings/plans to work from.
  2. Next, we utilize AutoCad or other design software in order to produce the drawings/plans, dimensions and renderings for the client to review.
  3. After the client approves, we begin the fabrication process by using a variety of equipment and tools. We usually begin with our shear press to cut the metal to size, and from there it goes either to our laser metal cutter for high precision laser cuts or our plasma cutter in order to burn out the parts.
  4. Our press brakes or auto-brake are used to put the bends in the metal, then it possibly goes to our roller for the radius or circle to be rolled out. Sometimes we are required to punch out holes with our Scotchman Ironworker punch and on a lot of projects we weld a variety of metals together by using either the tig or mig welding process.

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Finalizing the Custom Fabrication Process

The final process in our clients’ projects may involve the assembly of the project and then we will either install the product on site for our clients or simply arrange for the delivery.

The custom metal fabrication projects we create for our commercial and industrial clients range from simple to complex; from stand-alone products to complex parts needed to complete a system with moving components.

Common Parts and Products We Custom Design

Some of the items we fabricate include:

  • large stainless and mild steel wastewater & water storage tanks
  • sound booths
  • control rooms
  • hoppers
  • motor guards
  • air movement ducting
  • air scrubbers
  • architectural roofing products such as gutters, downspouts, flashing, coping, and vents

In addition, we fabricate vehicle panels, vehicle accessories, custom fire pits, custom laser metal art and most anything else that a client needs or wants that is made out of metal.