Contract Manufacturing


What We Provide

Our team provides advice and expertise in creating, designing, engineering, fabrication, prototyping, and testing of the parts, components and products that we make for our clients. The products that our clients want fabricated are typically made from mild steel, heavy metal, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal and copper.

We mainly service the industrial and commercial markets. However, we make custom laser art and fire pits and other miscellaneous items for the consumer market as well.

Industrial and Commercial Projects

The industrial & commercial projects range from an extensive variety of small precision cut parts & components for equipment & machines, as well as medium to large parts that include:


  • forklift extensions
  • handrails
  • panels
  • doors
  • fenders
  • storage racks
  • troughs
  • water distribution channels
  • safety ladders
  • stairs
  • walkways
  • gates
  • manways
  • level indicator gauges
  • gaskets
  • flanges

We also manufacture large industrial items, including:


  • water treatment systems
  • water storage tanks
  • wastewater tanks
  • craft beer tanks
  • cider tanks
  • wine tanks
  • distillery tanks
  • hoppers
  • air movement / ducting / air scrubbers
  • sound booths
  • control rooms

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S & R Sheet Metal Contract Manufacturing Equipment

The equipment that we utilize at our shop to fabricate projects consists of our “Mazak 4000-watt Super Turbo-X510 Laser Cutter” (5’ x 10’ Table — Cuts ¾” Steel, ½” Stainless, 3/8” Aluminum). Plasma Cutter (5’ x 10’ Table). Shearing Machine (12’ – Shears ¼” Mild Steel, 3/16” Stainless, 3/8” Aluminum). CNC Accurpress Press Brake (350 Ton – 14’), Press brake (90 ton – 12’), CNC Roper Whitney Autobrake (10’), Scotchman Iron Worker (65 ton), Pneumatic Punch (3/32” hole up to 1”), Rollers (3’, 4’, 6’), Cold Saw (13” Blade), Welders – Tig & Mig (Aluminum, Stainless, Mild Steel), Overhead Cranes.

S & R Sheet Metal exceeds the high standards set by our clients in the manufacturing of an array of parts and products. Our clients trust in our craftsmanship and are happy with the results, whether manufactured for their own use or in presenting the final parts and products to their customers.