Industrial Sheet Metal Manufacturing

S & R Sheet Metal works closely with engineers and air movement designers in order to provide complete systems for the fabrication and installation of ducting, chutes and air scrubbers. We meet our client needs when it comes to their industrial air movement, air ventilation, improvement of air quality, dust collection, and reducing steam, moisture and humidity in the air.

These air movement systems allow equipment to run more efficiently and effectively and of course they increase the overall safety of the work environment.

Air Movement Systems

We have fabricated and installed air movement systems in numerous paper mills and in a variety of other industrial manufacturing companies.

These systems range from simple to very complex, and installation is time sensitive because production areas need to be shut down during installation. This requires our team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen to perform the necessary work in a professional and timely manner.

Air Movement Systems in Vancouver
Custom Manufacturing in Vancouver

Other Custom Manufacturing

Besides industrial air movement systems, S & R Sheet Metal custom fabricates industrial parts and products for our clients that are used in heavy machinery, industrial equipment, cylindrical or horizontal water tanks, wastewater tanks, storage tanks, hoppers, scoop buckets, storage enclosures, shelving racks, and safety guards.

In addition, we fabricate custom metal items for the construction building sector such as handrails, stairs, ladders, walkways, and platforms.

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Our Industrial Clients

Our clients include military branches (The Department of Defense, Navy, Army, Marines) and state & local agencies, such as The Department of Natural Resources of Washington. For this client, we made complex water measurement and sediment measuring systems. For the Departments of the Interior, and Fish & Wildlife, we manufactured parts for the housing and transportation of aquatic life, and developed tanks for water treatment and storage for various municipalities & water treatment facilities.

We also work with general contractors, paper & pulp mills, the manufacturing industry, mining, gas and oil, chemical plants, grain elevators and commercial ports.