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At S & R Sheet Metal, we’ve designed, engineered, fabricated and installed multiple wastewater stainless steel tanks for the U.S. Navy, that held between 10,000 gallons to over 20,000 gallons of water. These tanks were made out of double walled 10 and 12 gauge stainless steel with all OSHA requirements adhered to for safety such as the interior and exterior ladders as well as safety rails on top and tie off pad eyes. In addition, we constructed all the piping, and custom level indicators as well installed all the valves. We worked extensively with the team of Navy engineers to ensure that all specifications and details were addressed and completed as planned. Other clients include; wastewater treatment plants and various manufacturing industries.

We also completed projects for The Department of Natural Resources for Washington State. On a recent project, they were looking for a company to design and fabricate their water runoff & sediment measuring systems, so with limited information and plans from them, we designed a system and fabricated a prototype so they could see a live demonstration. This allowed our client to feel confident that we were meeting all their requirements.

They said it worked perfect and gave us the go ahead to build 80 systems that would be placed throughout the state. This included water storage tanks, tipping bucket units and enclosures all made from galvanized and corrugated metal.

The mills in Oregon and Washington have been contracting us to produce sound booths various enclosures, safety guards, ducting, air movement systems, scrubbers and other custom items for them over the last 40 years. We have a great reputation for quality, safety, being on budget, on time and experience while working on their shutdowns or other requested projects. We typically go to the mill to meet with the project managers for a consultation meeting, then we view the project area and the challenges that we may encounter, next we take measurements, then we design and fabricate the units at our shop and install them on site for the client after that.

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S & R Sheet Metal, designs & fabricates hoppers for a variety of uses in water treatment systems, water storage units, or in funneling and storing grains and other commodities in larger storage hoppers. The hoppers range in size and material, anywhere from 50 gallon to 25,000 gallon storage capacities that are made from stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized metal and corrugated metal.

Our clients include government entities, military, state & local agencies, ports, chemical plants, water treatment plants / water treatment design engineers & consultants as well as a variety of other manufacturing companies.