Ready to start your metal fabrication project?

Metal Laser Cutting

Custom metal laser cutting to meet your needs.

Ready to start your laser cutting project?

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Kelso - Longview WA

S&R Sheet Metal is a leading provider of high-precision metal laser cutting. Our team of skilled trade workers blends cutting-edge CNC technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship and customer service. With metal laser cutting and plasma-cutting services, the opportunities are endless. 

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Benefits of Metal Laser Cutting

In metal fabrication, there are several methods we regularly use to cut and shape metal. However, laser or plasma cutting is one of the best techniques – especially if you are making duplicates or require a high level of accuracy. Some of the biggest advantages of metal laser cutting include:

  • Precision: The highly accurate and precise nature of laser cutting is one of the greatest benefits. It allows for highly accurate cuts that leave a clean cut and a smooth finish. This has helped products, components, and devices to become much smaller, and vastly reduces the amount of material waste.
  • Flexibility: With laser cutting, we can create highly unique or intricate designs without needing to exchange parts for each separate cut. We can also cut a variety of metals at up to 1″ thickness.
  • Repeatability: Once your design is ready and integrated with our system, we can repeat the process as many times as necessary. The highly precise cuts also ensure that the replicas are just as accurate as the original.
  • Speed: Whether you have an incredibly complex design or something fairly simple, the laser will be able to complete the project fairly quickly.
  • Contactless: The laser beam used in laser cutting doesn’t physically touch the material that it is working with. Instead, it uses heat to cut and melt the metal, minimizing damage to the final product.
  • Lower power consumption: Since the laser doesn’t consume as much power as other metal cutting techniques, it is a safer method for shaping metal into intricate parts.
Cutting Edge Equipment - Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing by S&R Sheet Metal

Cutting Edge Equipment

Quick Turnaround Times - Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing by S&R Sheet Metal

Quick Turnaround Times

Quality Craftsmanship - Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing by S&R Sheet Metal

Quality Craftsmanship

State-of-the-Art Laser Cutting Equipment

When it comes to laser precision, cutting-edge technology makes the difference. To ensure we can provide you with the highest level of quality and accuracy, we have two pieces of advanced equipment that we use on metal laser cutting projects:

  • CNC Fiber Laser: 5’ x 10’ table
  • CNC Plasma Cutter: 5’ x 10’ table

These options allow us to cut precision parts and components that perfectly suit our clients’ needs. Our laser can cut up to 1″ thick material.

S&R Sheet Metal's laser cutter machine in Kelso - Longview WA
CNC Fiber Laser

Metal Laser Cutting Examples

Whether you need a high volume of accurately-cut metal products or a custom-designed metal piece, we have the capability to create it for you.

Check out our gallery to see more examples of the laser cutting work we’ve done. 

Where others see challenges, we see custom solutions.

About Our Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Process

Our laser-cutting process revolves around you and your goals. Once the design is complete and approved, we nest the drawing into our laser or plasma cutter’s internalized computer system. After adjusting the appropriate settings, we begin the “burning” process.

Fast Laser Cutting Services in Kelso

No matter what type of metal product you need, S&R Sheet Metal is here to help. With over 40 years of experience providing a wide range of laser cutting and metal fabrication services, our highly skilled team is prepared to bring your vision to reality. Our team is ready to help. Enjoy short turnaround times, excellent customer service, and quality results with our team – call us today to get started!


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Metal Laser Cutting in Kelso - Longview WA

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